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   March 22, 2018

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Side Kick Stock Class Pistol Review

The Side Kick Stock Review

By Gazoo


Ok boys and girls, when I started playing this sport, I found the pump side of the game more of a challenge then the semi side, but I always viewed myself more of a pistol type, be it semi or pump. I always considered getting one, but which was the one to get. When I was considering the semi side, I looked at the obvious markers, you know, the PT family. But with all the sorry reviews on them, I looked at the ones that got the best, Palmer’s, but, who has that kind of extra cash? Then I stumbled upon the Side Kick family of markers, made by a group of guys that have been playing for a long time. Their site is, the semi, the semi short and the pump models, the mod and the stock. I really wanted to get the semi, at the time, not even considering the stock, so I did the extensive research to see if it was the right marker for me. Warranty was great, 20 bucks fixes or replaces for life, made of unbreakable material, and extremely light. I had a friend with one, so I asked to look at it. I gassed it up and it leaked real bad, which I found to be the case on all of their semis. So I shelved the idea on the semi, but started to throw around the idea of the stock. I had a PGP and really liked the pistol mode, even if it was a pump. The stock is similar to a DSDS, it holds 10 rounds and runs off a12 gram (in the grip) and you load the tube down the front. So, without getting permission, I ordered the Side Kick Stock. I had a weasel clause, as you can return it in 30 days, so I figured no harm.

It arrived within 2 days via USPS, packed it the typical USPS box. Now the packing material was sparse, it was wrapped in newspaper, but arrived unharmed. I received the marker, a velocity adjustment tool, 10 round tube, barrel plug and manual.  I guess that is one way of keeping the costs down and making it affordable. I couldn’t wait to get it home to test it out.

When I got home, I gathered my supplies, 12 grams and some paint, and headed out to the back yard. I have a target, a 5 gallon pail, set up at @ 80 feet so I figured this would be a good test of range and accuracy. I put a drop of oil on the end of the 12 gram, as it says to do in the manual, unscrewed the cap from the grip, which by the way takes quite a few turns, placed the 12 gram in and tightened it up. I heard the familiar hiss of the piercing of the 12 gram, and no leaks after that, a major plus. I slid the 10 round tube in until it stopped and was ready to go. The pump stroke is short and easy compared to the PGP, and I chambered my first round. Took aim and fired, hit dead on in the middle of the bucket. Thought to myself, this is tight! So I fired the remaining rounds in the tube, and missed all of once. This thing is right on the money and no breaks in the barrel. So, figured, lets see how many I can get from a 12 gram. So I was ready to pull out the tube when I had a thought. Why not just slide the rear cover back, the one that you can store an extra 12 gram under, and use the speed tubes I made. So I did, and it worked like a charm, so that way, I can still use the tubes with lanyards, and increase loading times. Well I managed to get 30 real good shots that day from a 12, granted I used time between shots so that I wouldn’t freeze the 12 gram. So to reload the 12 gram, you unscrew that cap, which does take a long time, and the 12 gram seemed to have frozen itself to the seal. So after a little shaking, it did fall out. When doing this, never look at the 12 gram, as it could thaw and have enough gas to propel it from the grip and leave a mark.

Well now it was time to put it into a real world test. So one Saturday, went to Farmland to play. Got there, and everyone had to look at it. Went to the chrono station and was only shooting at @ 265 out of the box. Figured, not to bad, but tried to tweak it up a bit, but didn’t get above the 265. Granted, it was 10 am on a cool Minnesota morning. So went and played some speed ball. It was 3 on 3, 3 pumps, 2 micro-phantoms and me against 2 semis and an old style PGP. We didn’t win the first couple of games, but I was very impressed with the accuracy of this little marker. I played all day, and rarely had to reload on the field. At one point, later in the afternoon when it got warm, I had the same, if not better range than a phantom running off HPA, Gumby and I were both surprised! I went back to the chrono station just to test it, and found to be shooting at or just above 285! Many were impressed, and even called it a “hand cannon”. We found the accuracy to be very acceptable for a marker of this size. I was extremely happy with its efficiency and range, not to mention its accuracy.

In conclusion, I would recommend this marker to anyone, new or old to the sport. The price is very acceptable at $63.95 plus shipping ($8.00). You will not be able to beat the warranty anywhere, as $20.00 will fix it or replace it, and if the same thing happens, just send it back with a copy of the invoice and all you will be out is shipping. “Goob” is fantastic, as he answered all of my questions prior to my purchase, and everything was done through email. You have to remember that these guys have other jobs too, and are more than happy to inform you of their products. I can’t say enough on how much I really like this marker. The only down side is the loading of the 12 grams, but if you are like me, you would only have to do that back at the staging area, as with the accuracy, you have far fewer missed shots, and nothing wasted.

- Gazoo

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