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Please note the prototype is pictured and actual product may differ slightly from the pictures as improvements and ongoing changes happen. All SCP RAXX systems will be painted flat black, Red is a prototype only color. All SCP RAXX systems are custom built using durable Poly vinyl chloride o r PVC. Everything you need is included, all necessary hardware (except as stated) and takes just a few minutes to assemble. Additional padding, securing pins, and brackets as needed are all in the package. A blade screw driver may be required (Flat or Phillips type) for final assembly, and the ability to to install wall mollies will be required to install the sky base brackets.

The SCP RAXX System , Sky Base unit! This is just the wall mount part of the Battle Rattle system. It will house two Markers, and Two mask. Unit Includes Wall mounts, and once securely mounted, just hangs on those mounts and it easily removable. Two of these units can be combined to display FOUR markers on an almost floor to ceiling display, very impressive! You can also order the Base camp later on, and this unit will plug right into it, makeing it the full Battle Rattle system. NO One else offeres the versatility of the SCP RAXX Systems, order yours today!
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SCP RAXX BASECAMP! The SCPRAXX BASECAMP is lower portion of the RAXX BATTLE System. It is a free standing unit that will support one Marker, and two masks OR Attach the SKYBASE to it and complete the entire SCP RAXX BATTLE RATTLE System! Legs on this unit fold, providing a flat base that can be also attached to a standard table. Included locking pins, and stretch straps, as well as additional cross bar padding.
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SCPPatch.jpg Official SCP Patch! OUT OF STOCK_DO NOT ORDER
Represent in style with an official SCP Patch! These are ORIGINAL SCP patches from the first edition! Well made, durable, in night Camo. When there gone, there gone forever, get one now while you can!
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PP-EMR04f.GIF Pandemonium Patch!
The original SCP Special edition Pump Pandemonium Patch celebrating The First SCP All pump event, Pump Pandemonium way back in 2004! Only a limited quantity of these patches are available, limit of two per customer until theyre gone! Get yours today, you may not get another chance!

Order a new SCP Patch! Order a brand new limited edition special event patch for Pandemonium's past! Order harnesses, and other soft goods!

more coming soon!